Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Crimping Machine Adopt PLC digital control system, can detective the air pressure working condition. Multi-function choice like wire cutting, full stripping, semi strip and terminal crimping on one end of the wire. Can be automatic located the terminal crimping angle, cutting and stripping length and the blade cutting depth.

1. Adopt AW18#~AWG30# , feeding, stripping and crimping are finished wit hone action.
2. Feeding system: Japan OMR and SMC provide Overall technic support,deeding exactly.
3. Check system: Adopt Japan OMR optical fiber technic, check each step of work quality to make product stably.


Cable Winding and Binding Machine applies to the AC power cord, DC power cord, USB cable, video cable, HDMI high-definition cable and other transmission lines using encapsulated core twist tied into bundles, it can also be used for other use tape sealing plastic bag core of use. This machine can reduce employee fatigue strength,


1.ABL Peel-off Force Test Stand is specially designed for NK, HF series Push pull equipment,
2.can be combined into the test machine with different uses.
3.Specially used in PC board on foil circuit adhesion force or Tin foil, aluminum foil, tape etc.
4.Hit the object surface firmness.
5.In view of vertical dissect the test sample. To measure the actual strength.

1. Wire Stranding Machine specialized in electronic wire strands used, to contribute to uniform and stable quality.
2. simultaneously twisted set of electronic line 1-5.
3. stranding machine speed and time can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and set reversing.
4. The number of strands to stay on their own count.
5. Operation is simple, easy to fault.

Cable Termination Solutions adopts procedural control interface with touch screen LCD display,it has operate system in Chinese and English, easy to operate and stable performance.Fast send wire ,cut wire,strip wire and crimp the terminals,high precision, fast speed,front and rear swing arms are both controlled by servo,and ultra low noise,more stable.The length of sending/cutting/stripping wire,and the delay time of crimping,which all can be accomplished by digital configuration.


Automatic Cable Tie Machine Features:
—Small,quick, reliable,,cost effective
—It’s a must for any cable harness production facility
—Pneumatic actuation of the feed roller, can feeding speed can be adjust
—Fully Automatic Cable Tie Machine are customized to your product according to the type and cable tie length andrequirements of your application
—Automatic feeding, strapping and cutting.
—PLC Control, touch screen.