Full Automatic Wire Crimping Machine (Double Head )

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Full Automatic Wire Crimping Machine (Double Head)




Full Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Features:

1. Full Automatic Wire Crimping Machine complete cut the wire, double skinned, headed crimping;
2. Action accurate, high-quality, non-pressing positions may not cause deformation or damage
3. Simple operation, the device has three operating modes can be set on the control panel: a wire cut off, double skinned; b wire cut off, double skinned, single head crimping; c wire cut off, double skinned, Double crimping;
4. By replacing molds, can achieve a variety of processing terminals on the same device;
5. The mold change easy adjustment, after training by a single mold replacement debugging time not more than five minutes;
6. stable performance, die life of more than one million times;
7. The device can automatically statistical production;

Full Automatic Wire Crimping Machine parameters:
Power AC 220V / 50 / 60Hz single phase (Single-phase)
Function wire cutting, double-end full strip, single-ended crimp terminals
Capacity 4200 / hour (the length of 100mm or less)
Processed wire range AWG # 30-AWG # 14
Cut length of 45mm – 500mm
Cutting accuracy scope of the changes: 1mm + cut length × 0.2% or less
Stripping length 1.5mm – 10mm
Crimping ability 2T
-4 Diameter 0.1 square square
Terminal reel material


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