Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

wire cutting stripping machine
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Wire Cutting  Stripping Machine

wire cutting stripping machine

wire cutting stripping machine

Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Features:
Wire Cutting Stripping Machine uses a full hybrid drive LCD control microcomputer system for electronic wire, PVC, braided wire, silicone line, high temperature, Teflon line,
The line of separation, in-line processing of cutting, peeling arbitrary regulation.

Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Technical Parameters:
Dimensions Length 380mm × 250mm × width 320mm high
Weight 25kg
Blue LCD display 128X64
Power Supply (Switching Power Supply) AC175V-260≤50 / 60HZ
Power 120W —- 220W
Cutting length 0.1mm — 99999.9mm
Stripping length stripping head 0.1-30mm, stripping the end of 0.1-15mm
Cutting core 0.1-4.0 (mm2) AWG30 # – 14 #
Cutting tolerance within 0.002 × Lmm ※ L
Catheter diameter 1.5mm —– 5mm
Tool Material tungsten steel / high speed steel imports
Drive Four
Stripping 2000-8000 Article hour
Wire pressure regulator have
No error pulse equivalent within 5 noodle
Batch 99999
Blade motor accuracy per step 0.03mm
Inlet and outlet motor precision silent hybrid stepping motor each step 0.1mm

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