Wire Cutting Stripping Twisting Tinning Machine

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Wire Cutting Stripping Twisting Tinning Machine

(MAX tinning 12wires at the same time)





Wire Cutting Stripping Twisting Tinning Machine description:

1. Press machine feeding system: full digital control and Taiwan to provide a full range of technical support, to send the line accurately.

2. Crimping machine drive system: the Taiwan precision transmission, therefore the transmission gap is small, flexible action, high precision, long service life of the machine parts, stable and reliable work.

3. Electronic control system of the press: the whole machine adopts the new menu style in Taiwan, the whole computer adjustment without professional personnel can be on the plane control, man-machine dialogue at a glance.

4. Can quickly set the parameters.

5. Terminal mold: the use of Taiwan OTP precision molds, materials used in Japan SKD fine steel grinding. The quality is more stable, the longer the life of the blade.

6. Terminal machine: the introduction of the latest Italy turbo technology, mute, energy saving, high precision, extend the mold life of 60%. Compared with the traditional belt type terminals, the buffer is small, the noise is small, the pressure of the terminal is uniform, the mold damage is small, the low rate of the pressing terminal is low, and the maintenance cost is low.

7. Press the machine wiring system: the internal wiring is reasonable, the gas line is clear, the maintenance is easy

8. This machine adopts Japanese HTK, NSK drive bearing, make the noise is smaller, the product is durable.

9. Detection device: do not hit the terminal or terminal deformation, poor die can be detected.

Maintenance: Wire Cutting Stripping Twisting Tinning Machine is fully independent intellectual property rights, Taiwan AIRTAC provides a full range of technical support, and similar machines compared, all of the use of modular parts, low maintenance cost and the quality of operation personnel.

Wire Cutting Stripping Twisting Tinning Machine specifications:
Processing capacity: 5000PCS/ hours the shortest tangent to the wire: AWG1007#16—-AWG#32
Cutting length: 30mm-9999mm
cutting accuracy: 1MM+ cut off length *0.2%
Peeling length: 0.1MM—10MM
pressing ability: 1.5T
Source: 50/60HZ AC220/220V single phase
Compressed air: 0.5Mpa (5kgf/cm) about 200NL/Min
Body size: 670W*840L*1500H (MM)
Weight: about 250KG